Angel of Hope?

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Angel of Hope?

Post#1 » Sun Apr 09, 2017 7:41 am


Sometimes it isn't easy to remain firm and hopeful. And when the times grow more darker and threatening around us it seems easier to abandon all hope for the world and the Human Race, and lose faith in the gods and in the fellow man. It is then hard not to feel resigned and dejected...

When discussing this yesterday a friend, who is rather new-agy, told me: "It is very important not to feel dejection. Whenever you start to think in those ways, you should stop at once and instead start to pray to the Angel of Hope!"

My first reaction was: "Eeeh... Please!?!?" :evil:

But then I started to think. Perhaps it wasn't such bad suggestion after all... Is there perhaps an Angel of Hope? :?: :thinking :?:

So now I'm asking those of you who are skilled in Angel Magic and wise in Angel Lore: is there some special angel out there we can call on when the world darkens around us and when we need to feel hope and courage and purpose again? An angel who can bring light back to our lives, to our people and to our poor planet? If so, how could this Sweet and Most Wondrous Angel be called?

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