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The Evocation and Invocation of Angelic and Planetary Spirits.
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Venus Magic

Post#1 » Fri Sep 09, 2016 5:13 am

Dear friends...

On 1 October I will finish with the group of brothers and sisters this long 1 year evocation of Shem angels and much shorter 28 days - evocations of 28 lunar angels.

I understand that we have many threads on this forum about Venus.

But what I intend to start is something which I was attracted to back when I read Bardon for the first time.

There is no magical grimoire in the world that has mentioned as many spirits of Venus as Bardon's.

So, I was thinking where to start this thread, here or there were we discuss Bardon, but I decide to do it here, because even though it is Bardon, it is also clearly Planetary magic.

My intention is to evoke all of those 90 spirits of Venus. And I ask you to join this explorations, like we have been doing with Shem Angels, Greater Arcana and 28 angels of the Moon.

Even though Venus work seems to be very attractive and tempting, I somehow bear responsibilities if anything might go wrong, so I will this time really strongly discourage neophites to take part in those evocations.

I will start those evocations from 1 October 2016.

What I find out, I will share here.

Hope to see you in greater number.

There are 90 spirits. How we organise those evocations I don't know.

In the case of Shem Angels we did 1 angel per 5 days.
In the case of Lunar Angels we do 1 angel per 1 day.
In the case of Greater Arcana it was 1 greater arcanum per 1 day.

Venus' working must have its own timing which we need to think about before we start, but we have 20 days to decide.

Anyway, I think that I need to have some good and fun time after 1 October...

All of the 90 spirits are in Bardon's book together with their sigils.

I have already had experiences with tens of them. They are totally real and genuine. It is not like this when we evoke: maybe they are, maybe they are not.

How did Bardon meet them and what sources did he use, is totally beyond my mind, but here they are:

1) Omah, 2) Odujo, 3) Obideh, 4) Onami,
5) Osphe, 6) Orif, 7) Obaneh, 8) Odumi.

9) Orula, 10) Osoa, 11) Owina, 12) Obata, 13) Ogieh, 14) Obche, 15) Otra.

16) Alam, 17) Agum, 18) Albadi, 19) Aogum, 20) Acolom, 21) Achadiel 22) Adimil, 23) Aser.

24) Aahum, 25) Acho, 26) Arohim, 27) Ardho,
28) Asam, 29) Astoph, 30) Aosid.

31) Iseh, 32) Isodeh, 33) Idmuh, 34) Irumiah
35) Idea, 36) Idovi, 37) Isill, 38) Ismee.

39) Inea, 40) Ihom, 41) Iomi, 42) Ibladi
43) Idioh, 44) Ischoa, 45) Igea.

46) Orro, 47) Oposah, 48) Odlo, 49) Olo,
50) Odedo, 51) Omo, 52) Osaso.

53) Ogego, 54) Okaf, 55) Ofmir, 56) Otuo, 57) Ohoah, 58) Ocher, 59) Otlur, 60) Ogileh.

61) Gega, 62) Gema, 63) Gegega, 64) Garieh, 65) Gesa, 66) Geswi, 67) Godeah, 68) Guru.

69) Gomah, 70) Goldro, 71) Gesdri, 72) Gesoah 73) Gescheh, 74) Gehela, 75) Gercha.

76) Purol, 77) Podme, 78) Podumar, 79) Pirr,
80) Puer, 81) Pliseh, 82) Padcheh, 83) Pehel.

84) Pomanp, 85) Pitofil, 86) Pirmen, 87) Piomal,
88) Piseph, 89) Pidioeh, 90) Pimel.
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