The 'Evocation' of Tiriel #1

The Evocation and Invocation of Angelic and Planetary Spirits.
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The 'Evocation' of Tiriel #1

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Like always, find the blog entry here: [website moved -]

The ritual evocation of the Planetary Intelligence of Mercury known as Tiriel was performed July 3rd, Thursday, at the hour of 7 P.M. according to the Planetary Days & Hours Tables.

I’ve now decided that since I’ve had my experiences with Netzach and Yesod, that it would be due time to also have ones from the realm of Hod. Climbing up the Tree of Life, I should have started with Yesod, moving to Hod and finally ending with Netzach (for the lower tree) – but I’ve climbed it a different way, with the ones I like; so I started with Netzach, and then Yesod, and now Hod – although I really should have climbed the Tree in the correct manner..

Anyways, I now start my first encounters with the Planetary Intelligence known as Tiriel. Not much is said about this spirit other than it being the intelligence of the planet Mercury. We have his Hebrew name, and his sigil, but no appearance has been generally agreed upon, or conclusive enough to form a complete image.

The image I have describes the ‘Planetary Intelligence of Mercury’ as “appearing in robes of either yellow or orange ornamented with the symbol of mercury/sigil of Tiriel, holding a Caduceus Wand, a Stylus or a Scroll.” – Not much. The closest I had as prior reference came from a LOGDOS account of an evocation to the Olympic Spirit of Mercury, in which the description given reads, “I got the impression of a huge hooded figure which then switched to a sphere. The sphere was composed of a solid core surrounded by an outer skin and then a cage like structure outside that.

Also not much in the way of descriptory, but I think that I’ll have to find out for myself what the Spirit of Tiriel appears as. The appearance isn’t really the important factor, it is the force. The image is like a way of communicating with the higher forces attributed to it.


The Circle’s candles were white in colour (I couldn’t afford eight orange ones), and sat in a configuration of four positioned around the perimeter of the Circle at equal distances at each cardinal-point. The Altar sat positioned to the East. This time, no Triangle was used, as I was attempting to use a black-ceramic plate with a shallow pool of water as a medium of communication. It sat in the middle of the Circle, with two Orange candles (with the Sigils of Tiriel engraved on them) facing the plate, one placed to the East and another to the West. Under the Plate sat the Seal of Tiriel, on an Octagon, and outlined in orange inks.
The Circle was formed out of a cord-rope. Incense was of Frankincense. Robe was the same heavy crushed-velvet red robe with belt.

The day-of the ritual, I bathed and repeated blessing and prayers with personal significance to Mercury, and various aphorisms pertaining thereto; and before and after the shower I performed the LBRP. I made sure my hair was combed, had all my necessary tools equipped, and made sure I was ready – as if I were to meet a Prince or King.

During the day, I took care not to eat anything (water was fine), and to only eat after the ritual to ground myself. I spent the day studying, and preparing the room for the ritual. I also spent time with my cat 

Cannabis Indica is listed under the table ‘Vegetable Drugs’ in 777 as the ‘intoxicant’ for Hod, e.g. causing a mind-state similar to the realm associated therewith. I had kief-hashish that I smoked throughout the day - and throughout the ritual as it progressed – to keep the effect of ‘the realm of Hod’ about me.

Because the ritual structure is so different compared to the more ‘traditional’ methods I used in my previous evocations, I decided to set about the evocation ritual-structure in a different way. The pathworking exercise from Malkuth to Hod (via Shin) that I had written, is what I used during the ritual, and replaced the librarian-Hermes with Tiriel.

Ritual Structure

- ‘The Opening Ritual’
- Evocation to Tiriel
- Pathworking to Hod
- Encountering Tiriel
- Returning to Malkuth
- The License to Depart
- ‘The Closing Ritual’

The Ritual

When the hour arrived, I entered my ritual chamber with all my gear and tools, and began. This time I cast the circle according to Wiccan procedure. I went over the ‘Opening Ritual’ (Witches’ Bible Compleat), to the end of the summoning of the Lords of the Watchtowers. I then performed the LBRP to strengthen and reinforce the four corners of the Circle.

The Evocation

Then, I took up the bell, and rang it two times to each cardinal point – eight times in all, and placing it back on the altar, I then grabbed the Wand, and stood facing the East of the Circle. Arms raised wide, I declaimed the evocation to Tiriel:

“O’ Great Goddess Aradia, O’ Mighty God Cernunnos, I beseech thee to send thy TIRIEL, the Intelligence of Mercury! May he appear here within this pool of water, as so he may instruct me concerning those things about which I deign to ask him, and may he come into this Temple with peace, and may I be guided safely to the Temple of Hod, from Malkuth through Shin, and communicate with him, in the names of Cernunnos and Aradia!”

I lit the two orange candles and moved them accordingly farther or closer away from the plate in the centre of the circle, to personal preference until it was ‘just right’, and gazed into my reflection within the shallow pool of water.

Pathworking to Hod

I closed my eyes, and began the pathworking exercise. I remember arriving at the Temple of Malkuth - the guide there was an old man in a robe, to teach about the elements – he was glad to see me, and asked where I wished to go. I told him I wished to travel to Hod through Shin, and he brought me to door with the Fire-element-symbol on it, and told me that it was just beyond that door. I thanked him, and opened the door, and continued onwards.

It was dark at first, like a dark tunnel, but then I arrived at another door, with a symbol of Shin on it. I opened it, and felt a gust of warm, hot air hit my face. The sky was a merciless orange fire, which darkened to a smokey black in the far distance. Cloudy and smokey everywhere, and oceans of fire surrounded a small island on which I stood.

Orange-brick pathways spralled to an ominous-looking tower that plunged seemingly forever down – and upwards – into the ocean of flames and skies of orange smoke. Multiple pathways all wound along the oceans, leading to the Temple. I saw some people get blown off the pathway from the windy gusts of air, and into the fires, but some were strong and made their ways.

I was honestly hesitant from continuing along the pathway, but I did. It was easy at first, but I got swept up a couple of times when the gusts were challenging. Near the end of the pathway they became more gentle, and as I arrived at the Temple of Hod, I had made it in one piece! :p

The Temple’s entrance was a doorway in the side of a faceless-tower (despite the other doorways from other paths, which I didn’t see at the time – I only saw my own path), with a small roof-covering over the doorway, and a flapping orange temple flag above it, with the symbol of Mercury on it in also a [darker] orange colour.

When I opened the door and came inside, I was greeted to a calm and relaxing interior. The temple was an eight-sided room with bookshelves on all sides, with columns and rows going upwards and upwards for forever it appeared. I also noticed that while I walked and stood at the centre of the temple, the walls of the Temple had ‘expanded’ – the middle of the Temple was the ‘axis’ of multiple corridors – on each level – of more books. The inside of the Temple must be a seemingly infinite space compared to the outside, which was ‘finite’.

I opened my eyes and gazed into the reflection of my eyes in the pool of water. I called Tiriel’s name three times:

“Tiriel, Tiriel, Tiriel!”

And then I resumed my gaze. I saw in the mirror, my face start to dissolve out from around my face and to my pupils – where then they melted into the blackness of the bowl. I could see the candle’s light reflection from my eyes in the pool’s reflection – so my eyes had two small white ‘dots’ in each pupil – which was handy as a method for concentration.

Encountering Tiriel

Anyways, the face started to morph, and when it ‘snapped’ back, I saw the face of a man with white hair and a white rugged beard, wearing a crown and orange robes. Here is our conversation:

Tiriel: Who are you? Who comes to visit the Temple of Hod?
Me: You may call me Feywer.
Tiriel: What do you wish of me, at the Temple of Hod?
Me: I wish to find how to help heal nerve pain within the legs. Can you find me a book on this?
Tiriel: Yes, let me look… *he ‘flashes’ away, apparently looking for the right title. After a couple of seconds, he ‘flashes’ back, with a book in hand*
Me: Have you found a book?
Tiriel: Yes. Would you like me to read to you?
Me: Yes, of course, read me some of the book.
Tiriel: ‘Nerve pain within the legs is subjective to the patient who experiences it. It may result from a variety of factors, such as depression, pain, pinched nerves, nerve-misfire, etc. You can help with the pain by using your hands *I remember my hands, and they feel warm* - the warmth in your hands, use it to heal the pain.’
Me: Thank you, Tiriel.
Tiriel: Of course. Is this all you will be needing?
Me: Yes, thank you. For now, I must bid you Hail and Farewell. Hail and Farewell, Tiriel.
Tiriel: *flashes away, putting book away, then flashes back* Very well, Goodbye, Feywer.

Returning to Malkuth

I leave the Temple through the door that I came, closed it behind me, and made my way back along the pathway of Shin, which was calm now as I returned, and through the door back to Malkuth.

I remember seeing the old man there again. He asked, “How was it? Will you be coming back?
I told him that it went well, and that, “Yes, I will be returning very soon.

And with that, I left the Temple of Malkuth – making sure all doors were firmly closed behind me, and back into the consciousness of reality. Afterwards, for what it was worth, and to be safe, I declaimed TLTD. Then I ate the cakes & wine, closed up the Circle and ended the Ritual. I was extremely exhausted!
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