Unfriendly Evocation of Hagiel: Intelligence of Venus

The Evocation and Invocation of Angelic and Planetary Spirits.
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Unfriendly Evocation of Hagiel: Intelligence of Venus

Post#1 » Sat May 03, 2014 10:45 am

My experience this Friday with Hagiel was less than amicable. As Hagiel is the balanced energy of Venus, as opposed to the unbalanced raw Venusian energies of Kedemel, I was expecting nothing less than a pleasant appearance of a beautiful girl to appear in my house.

However, I was wrong!

Beforehand, I went out and bought some rather expensive pink roses, rose-petal turkish delights and other such delicacies for Her as an addition to the specific tools and attributions, and returned to my house to prepare for the evocation.

I made a glowing green haze out of cellophane over an old lamp, it did not look nice, but it was approaching 10pm and was the last hour I could call upon her.

The time of the evocation came, and I had arranged the table and room, vacuumed and tidied up the space for Her etc.

As per usual: censer full of cinnamon to allure Her, pretty green rocks, copper ...Sigil on green fabric triangle (cheap fabric) - and unfortunately, disgusting smelling green candles that smelled like toilet cleaner (all I had at the time, and they smelled alright whilst within their packaging)

Cleared the space, protected it.

When all was done... I called her, She did appear, and quite quickly. She was beautiful like a Pre-Raphaelite painting.

However...She then proceeded to bitchily accuse me of being a cheap, ill prepared brute! She regaled me with a litany of things that were not to her liking...The fabric was not good enough, I had not cleared the space enough (of objects, not energetically), the sigil was ugly and pathetically drawn, the candles stank, the cinnamon was too old, my Jade necklace made of copper was
awful apparently, my green robe was stupid and the green cellophane lamp was the final thing She detested. She stood in the
triangle laughing at me and mocking me for my tawdry get-up. In addition, the room I evoked her in had no door, and
apparently she was annoyed at the other 'dark ugly spirits' roaming around the house, who were peeking in to the evocation. I cannot disagree with her on this, as my house is filled with unsettled ghosts and creepy entities, but this
was beyond the pale. When I raised my wand (rainbow and glittering) to her, she even mocked that for being cheap (which, in all honesty, it was).

I felt dismal, and then proceeded to talk to her about why she was being so mean to me! She replied that my set-up
was a disgrace! I could think of nothing else to do...At first I was testy and humiliated, but then I thought to
do something about it. I took a rose from the vase, and went over to the triangle, kneeling down and offering it to
Her. This overture appeared to calm her, and add a sense of beauty and romance back into the space.

I then returned to my side of the room, and She asked me what I required of Her.

She seemed strange still, but amiable, agreeing to it, and then we ended the ritual.

I am still not sure what to think...To be honest it did not even seem like Hagiel at all. It seemed like some kind of
bitchy shadow projection of the feminine Venus straight from my own psyche. However, my Venus being in Scorpio, it is entirely possible
that my particular experience of the energy of Venus will be shaded with the somewhat mean, haughty and blunt energy of Scorpio/Pluto/Mars. She was a total bitch, but I can't say I didn't like the look of her, after all.
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