(another) Rite of Queen Hagiel - Results

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(another) Rite of Queen Hagiel - Results

Post#1 » Sun Mar 09, 2014 8:22 pm

After what seemed like months of preparation, I finally was able to perform the Rite of Queen Hagiel with all proper supplies, namely, the *really* hard-to-find Green Candles that I needed, that no store seemingly had.. But alas! The purpose of the Ritual this time was to receive her blessings upon three pieces of jewelry I had specifically with her in mind. A Girdle of green cloth, a Copper Ring, and a Necklace. The blog entry for this can be found here (http://templeofthetree.webs.com/apps/bl ... el-results).

The Rite was suppose to include a Magical Assistant of mine as help, but he did not show, so once again my encounter with Hagiel is subjectively solo. On Sunday, the hour associated with Hagiel is 4 PM (from sunrise to sunset, or noon to midnight), so I performed the ritual within that time. Half and hour before it began, I took a preparatory ritual bath that consisted of Consecrated Salt & Water, Powdered Cinnamon, and Sandalwood Essential Oil, while repeating blessings and prayers. After drying off, I applied some cinnamon to my underarms and lower legs to bring about the scent more on myself. Afterwards, I donned the green shift-robe I had made, as well as the Necklace with green stone and a copper ring. Also, a Girdle of green cloth.

The initial ritual atmosphere got started with a musical playlist and the smell of cinnamon burning in the censer. 'Ride of the Valkyries' led the Opening Ritual as I traced the Circle from North to North with the Wand three times, then round went the consecrated water mixture, and then the censer, but both only once (for a total of five circuits).

After that, I traced the Sigil of Hagiel on the Heptagon with the tip of the Wand and then placed it within the Triangle of Candles on the floor. I declaimed the Evocation all five times, and felt as if she did not come to my call. I closed my eyes after patiently waiting for a while, then proceeded with, "Hagiel, Hagiel, Hagiel - Come to my Circle". I saw astrally a figure of a young woman once again, dressed in a shimmering emerald-green dress and frizzy brunette-red hair.

Magi: Who art thou?
Spirit: I am Queen Hagiel
Magi: What is thy sigil?
Hagiel: (traces Sigil into air with finger tip, a luminous green trail makes out the sign)
Magi: Art thou commanded under the most Holy Names of Aradia and Cernunnos?
Hagiel: Yes
Magi: Thank you for Returning to me, O thou lovely and fair Queen Hagiel. I feel as if our last conversation got cut short.. O Queen Hagiel, may I beseech upon thee a request?
Hagiel: Yes
Magi: Thou lovely Queen Hagiel, may you deign to bless this thy Copper Ring of seven twists with thine influence and energy, as so he who wears it upon thine finger and twists it may see the Venusian world upon this Earthly one.
Magi: (place ring next to Censer, which sits between the Triangle and the Circle)
Hagiel: (I astrally see her pick up the Ring and place it upon her hand and finger. She holds out her hand in admiration of the look of the ring, then takes it off and holds it in her right hand, holding her left over it and reciting a blessing of some sort, then places it back on the ground)
Magi: (I pick back up the ring and place it back upon my finger)
Magi: Thank you for thy Blessing, Queen Hagiel. Secondly, may you deign to bless this thy Necklace with green stone and yellow chain with thine influence and energy, so that he who wears it becomes in the presence of yourself, Queen Hagiel.
Magi: (take of necklace and place it in the spot where I placed the ring)
Hagiel: (I astrally see her pick up the necklace and, fit it over her head and lay it upon her chest. I hear her say, "this is a lovely necklace.")
Magi: Thank you, but it is my necklace..
Hagiel: (I see her take it off and hold it in the same way as she did the ring. She flips over the necklace and traces the engraved Sigil (of herself) on the back with her finger, and recites a blessing again, then places it back on the floor)
Magi: (I pick back up the necklace and place it back upon my neck)
Magi: Thank you for this blessing, O beautiful Queen.. Third and Lastly, may you deign to bless this thy Girdle of Venus with thine influence and energy, as so he who wears it feels beautiful and becomes within thine presence.
Magi: (take off the girdle and place it in the same spot as the necklace and ring)
Hagiel: (I astrally see her take up the Girdle and tie it around her existing one (which is part of her dress), and a bit tight, then back off and onto the ground again)
Magi: Thank you for blessing this Girdle of Venus, O thou lovely and beautiful Queen Hagiel. Thank you for blessing these sacred magical items, for now they may be used verily and with thine sacred blessing. Thank you, O thou lovely and beautiful Queen Hagiel.
Hagiel: (She nods with a smile)

After our conversation, I stood and waited for a little, then said, "Hail and Farewell, O thou lovely Queen Hagiel, Hail and Farewell, depart to thy lovely and pleasant realms, Hail and Farewell.." I still felt like her presence was there, so to be 'safe' I declaimed the License to Depart, after which I had felt she had left the Triangle.

I blew out the Candles and turned on the lights. The Rite was over.
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