Some input on the four elemental kings/princes

The Evocation and Invocation of Angelic and Planetary Spirits.

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Some input on the four elemental kings/princes

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I said kings/princes because they seem to be called kings or princes depending on who refers to them. But I'm referring to Amaymon, Paymon, Egyn, and Oriens. I understand that they appear in the Goetia as kings of hell but thats not specifically within the context that I contacted them. I started working on Trithemian angel magic by getting three different views. My sources are Frater Ashen Chassan's Gateways through stone and circle, Rufus Opus's black work from his red work course series, and Aaron Lietch's Secrets of the Grimiores, I'm not new to occultism yet this is my first time delving into material thats pre-19th century. The experience has been amazing yet I find that there are much fewer people to talk and relate to about whats going on. So far I've contacted Uriel and under his authority Amaymon and Raphael and under his authority Paymon. The connection with the archangels has been fairly weak but present. They briefly appear as birds (Uriel is an Owl and Raphael a Hawk) then proceeded to expand my understanding of the elements. I asked them if they could assist a meeting with their corresponding elemental prince. They said yes but then they'd give a warning. Uriel said "yes but Amaymon is a dragon" and I got a flash of a dragon. Raphael said "yes but paymon is this" then showed a picture of an electron.

The experience of the princes was immensely more potent. Amaymon appeared as a claymore embedded stuck into the center of a field at dusk. The hilt was the head of an old man with a long grey beard and hair. He seemed to be singer a somber song. I asked him if he could share the wisdom of his office and he first informed me that he was offended by the last of metal on objects on my altar but he will remain and I just needed to remember that next time. He then gave me an image of a ring with an eye embedded in it and suggested I make it. I asked what for and he said "influence". After the operation I didn't feel well. I started doing more research beyond the sources I had and found that apparently he has a noxious gas that you're supposed to protect yourself from with a ring. That may of been what he was saying. I had a few days worth of dealing with digestion issues and almost losing my mind. I was really enthralled by the image he gave me and found myself becoming obsessed with it. The image became more and more clear in my mind and I found myself repeating his name internally. It was like it grew in my head leaving no room for much else. My body felt like it was weakening and like I was going to snap mentally. I used a symbol Uriel had given me during my encounter with him to push the image back down and then proceeded to perform the LBRP to get myself under control. It worked out yet I still had to recover from a couple days of illness.

I considered not contacting the princes at all yet wasn't satisfied with giving up. My encounter with Paymon was absolutely beautiful and the after effects were comparable to taking psilocybin. I've talked to him several times and each time I get this euphoric electrical feeling in my scalp. He appeared as a body made of shadow yet with slyph like wings made of electricity. The pattern of the wings were like two faces facing inwards. What confused me was that both him and Amaymon refereed to themselves as "eyes". So I asked about that and if he has an object like the ring. He proceeded to fill in a lot of information that Amaymon didn't about it. He said all four of them are eyes and also vaginas. They are the eyes of divinity upon the earth but also portals for creation to flow into the world. The eye ring needs to be consecrated in all their names as the human equivalent of being an eye/vagina to take part in the communication/creation process with the divine.

So many things to consider here. The ring may be important. In Frater Ashens book he says that in the original instructions there is a "magicians ring" but he says there is little explanation of what that means and its up to you do decide. RO doesn't even mention it and even in his instructions he said he deals with these guys minimally because they make him too uncomfortable. The encounter with Amaymon seemed dangerous and do I want to make something from a spirit that made me ill? What if I'm getting too enchanted by sub-lunar spirits that really don't have my best interest in mind? Am I spending so much thought and effort towards them because they've had the strongest presence in the crystal and my mind? If I don't move forward with this am I passing up an opportunity to forge a relationship with powerful allies? Am I some obsessive nut job whose invented this bizarre little fantasy to the point of inducing illness and euphoria? So anyone have experience in this area? Is this all something that becomes too personal and specific to the magician to where you can't really relate to others experience?

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