An Experience in Archangelic Invocation

The Evocation and Invocation of Angelic and Planetary Spirits.
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An Experience in Archangelic Invocation

Post#1 » Sat May 23, 2009 3:45 am

I wanted to share this experience with those of a like mind. During a 5 month period of 2008, following a series of invocations to Michael. A broad array of interesting experiences developed. I had began my invocations out in the woods, after several intense lucid dreams involving my calling upon the Arch. Michael to help me when I was extremely distressed (the dreams were in fact very disturbing, involving a detailed descent into an underworld like region, filled with different entities and very much like dante's inferno, or What dreams may come, only a bit more explicit and gory, which lead to the lucidity in the first place.) After some time during my descent I became too disturbed with what I was seeing and called out to Archangel Michael to help me (the first one who came to mind) And to my great suprise, through one of the nearby ceiling tiles, burst the radiant Archangel flames, sword and all. I was suddenly rushed upward and I awoke. After this I felt it neccisarry for some reason unknown to me, to invoke the archangel and enlist the aid of his protection. I had performed the L.B.R.P and such rituals before, but outside of invocations to Themis, this was my first full blown, spontaneous, somewhat freestyled invocation to the Archangel. I performed the ritual after a fast outside in some deep woods, and used sigils from Summoning the Solomonic Archangels and demons, and recited some invocations after some preliminary prayers to god. After returning home and falling asleep, things started to get interesting. After I awoke, and for a period of about 5 months, I was EXTREMELY energized, I felt like I could overcome natural sleep, and was somewhat (according to some) dillusional. My preception on reality had greatly changed and I felt very much like a different individual, everything was seemingly fresh and new, and I could sense my sphere of sensation very concretely. It seemed like any question that I had, I would submit to my subconscious via a symbol and almost instantly some form of answer would appear, this was very, very different, and at one point I feared for my sanity. Rumours began to circulate that I had began a Meth addiction (which I had not, I even quite smoking pot during this period, and cig's) Due to my irregular behaviour. After quite some time in near solitude, and after re-integrating myself into society, I began to get some kind of equilibrium. During that time however, I had several other intense dreams, one of which I was ascending into the air, and above me, moving its hands in circular motions and apparently in a trance, was a tan skinned young boy, bald, and in some sort of greek looking garment. When we stopped our ascent we were upon a cloudlike platform and there was a sand- colored rock altar, the entity was speaking to me (however I don't recall what was said now) and chipping pieces off of his altar and throwing them down to the earth. After some Dialogue I glided down toward the ground (not of my own accord) and awoke. There were alot of other strange happenings as well during this period, auditory and visual "hallucinations" such as lights dashing around in the garage and whispers before I slept. At this point now, I feel "normal" again , and the strange euphoria that infected me for months has passed, this however was my first major perceptually changing experienced I have ever had in my lifetime (without the aid of any outside substances).

Just thought I would share a personal Archangelic experience, although it really wasn't for a mundane result, more of an experiment I suppose.
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