Mansions of the Moon - Success Stories

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Mansions of the Moon - Success Stories

Post#1 » Tue Apr 09, 2019 11:14 am

I wanted to share my success story with a Mansion of the Moon talisman, and ask for you to do the same

On the evening of December 15 of last year my dog suddenly started yelping in pain whenever he was trying to move his neck. As I never had any experience before with such a symptom, I incorrectly assumed he had pulled a muscle, so I did not rush him to the emergency clinic :jkj . I did, however, switch him immediately to a harness instead of collar, and imposed complete rest (except for going out for a few minutes at the time for his doggy business. The plan was to take him to our regular vet on Monday morning (the problem happened on Saturday evening).

In the meanwhile I also did an egg-pulling spell over his neck (praying that his pain and illness be removed while gently brushing his neck and chest downwards with an egg, which I threw away afterwards).

By Monday morning the dog was much better, but still in obvious pain when doing certain movements. I called my vet to request an appointment that very day. The vet (an honest person, bless his heart!) told me over the phone that, by the sound of it, we're actually dealing with a herniated disk, and I'd better take the dog to the emergency clinic, which I did right away. At the emergency clinic my dog acted as if nothing was wrong with him :jkj . The vet there sent us home with two painkillers and a recommendation rest and harness. I also made an appointment with their neurologist for January 3rd - the earliest available for their out-patients.

The meds helped with the pain, but he was holding his neck at an angle, and the issue was obviously still there, so, while waiting for the neurologist appointment, I've decided to try a 10th Mansion of the Moon talisman for healing.

The election used was 24 Dec. 2018 @ 19:10, Toronto ; full Moon in Leo, on AC, trine Jupiter. I engraved two carnelian stones, one being a pendant, and the other being a tumble stone, with the stylized image of a lion's head and the spirit's name (AREDAFIR). I used a modest amber incense stick for sfummigation. The petition was: "You, AREDAFIR, remove any weakness, illness, infirmity and pain from the body of my dog _____(N), and from the body of whomsoever wears this seals or consumes food or drink in which these seals have been placed."

I put the pendant on a thin elastic around his neck, and with the other stone I started enchanting his drinking water with the same petition whenever I was filling his bowl.

By January the dog was fine. I had stopped giving the painkillers right after New Year's and he was still showing no signs of pain whatsoever. The neck was almost straight again (and came back to normal completely before January was over). The neurologist was very, VERY surprised. He confirmed that, indeed, the dog suffered a cervical disk herniation, probably due to age, but, since he recovered so shockingly fast, he doesn't recommend surgery. He also said that further investigation (MRI) is up to me. I decided against it. My dog has a very good health insurance so cost was not an issue, but MRI requires the dog to be put under for a long time, and he's already 11. The risk was too big and not worth taking.

Now my dog is perfectly fine - but I'm still using the harness, as a precaution.

In the end, both the egg-pulling and the 10th Mansion talismans proved to be a success. The talismans seemed to bring gentle, gradual and lasting healing (but quite fast, all things considered). I'm now planning to make another one of the same mansion on a proper material (gold), and with a less specific target.

Do you have any success stories related to any Mansion of the Moon talismans that you would be comfortable sharing? I'd love to hear them!
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