Sun Talisman for one in need

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Sun Talisman for one in need

Post#1 » Wed Aug 15, 2018 5:39 pm

Hi all,

I made an extra Sun Astrological talisman this past sunday, using a location adjusted election kindly provided by Dolmance, based on one of the elections he kindly provided in a recent post.

It's not a beautiful work of art by any means, and is drawn on paper ( Basic sigil of the Sun on one side, and on the other the Character of the Sun seal, and the seals of Nachiel the intelligence of the Sun and Sorath the spirit of the Sun). I consecrated it once during the ritual.

I will happily send this to one of you gratis (postage included) who is truly in need of the sort of help that this might provide, as long as:

- you promise to pay it forward in some way when you are able... as in, in return you do a kindness/good deed/ provide help for someone else in need, whether through magic or not (though magic might be more interesting!)... and if possible instruct them to do so as well etc etc
- Your Sun is in Leo, Ares or Sagittarius.... this will provide the best results.
- You really have a need of kind reception, recognition, success, increased charisma, health etc... and don't simply want it out of idle curiosity or to add to a dust gathered collection.
- You are preferably in the US... though if you aren't and could REALLY use this, let me know.

I'll include instructions for consecration and some relevant incense as well etc...
So, send me a PM

- Leonine

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